1. Johnette

    I am happy to know that the Southern accent is alive and well. I am taking a class at the local community college, and have been surprised at the way young women dress nowadays. As you meoeinntd, plunging necklines, off the shoulder blouses, but also shorts. It must be really rough on the young men, to try and study in the face of such visual delights.


    Rodrigo,He mentions the place in the first freaking sentence. Seriously, give it a rest man. You’ve got nothing but one failed argument after another.You’re right, Canaima National Park is “ruined” because some tourism has been interrupted for couple weeks.In other news, Yellowstone National Park was completely destroyed by a snowstorm that interrupted tourism there last month.

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    Cindy, Kira is a natural little model, and she didn’t even know it! of course I’ve always thought she was a beautiful baby that turned into a beautiful young woman. Thanks, Cindy for always doing such a fantastic job with all of my children’s photographs. It’s such a treat to see what you’ve come up with next!Sincerely, Kathie Ostman

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    Qué comentario te mandaste amigo! Y cuánta razón tenes en cada palabra. O estabas inspirado o mejor cambiamos, vos escribís el blog y yo te leo! jejeMuchísimas gracias por todo lo que dijiste! Estoy de acuerdo en que salir en búsqueda de los sueños siempre es un triunfo.A vos te veo muy encaminado también y me alegra verte así.Un abrazo enorme! Muchas gracias!



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